On our site, we deal with lots of controversial topics and skills, and it is necessary to address a few incidents and implement user terms and services agreements. Our goal is to provide a free, safe, and legal training environment to the users of this site.

What is “SpinningSecurity” or “SpinningSecurity.com”?

Spinningsecurity.com is definitely not a site that promotes or encourages unethical computer hacking, but rather it is a Computer Security related website.

In fact, Computer Hacking and Computer Security are the two concepts that go hand-in-hand. They are like two faces of the same coin. So with the existence of close proximity between Hacking and Security, it is more likely that people often mistake our site to be one that promotes Hacking.

But in reality, our goal is to prevent hacking. We believe that you cannot defend yourself from malicious hack attacks unless you know how to hack (ethically).  Know Hacking but No Hacking!

Your usage of this website constitutes your agreement to the following terms:

  • All the information provided on this site is for educational purposes only. The site is in no way responsible for any misuse of the information. “SpinningSecurity”  is just a term that represents the name of the site and is not a site that provides any illegal information. SpinningSecurity.com is a site related to Computer Security and not a site that promotes hacking/cracking/software piracy.
  • This site is totally meant for providing information on “Computer Security”, “Computer Programming” and other related topics and is in no way related to the terms “CRACKING” or “HACKING” (Unethical).
  • Few articles (posts) on this site may contain information related to “Hacking Passwords” or “Hacking Email Accounts” (Or Similar terms). These are not the GUIDES of Hacking. They only provide information about the legal ways of retrieving the passwords. You shall not misuse the information to gain unauthorized access. However, you may try out these hacks on your own computer at your own risk. Performing hack attempts (without permission) on computers that you do not own is illegal.
  • The virus creation section on this site provides a demonstration of coding simple viruses using high-level programming languages. These viruses are simple ones and cause no serious damage to the computer. However, we strongly insist that this information shall only be used to expand programming knowledge and not for causing malicious attacks.
  • All the information on this site is meant for developing a Hacker Defense attitude among the users and helps to prevent possible hack attacks. SpinningSecurity.Com insists that this information shall not be used for causing any kind of damage directly or indirectly. However, you may try these codes on your own computer at your own risk.
  • The word “Hack” or “Hacking” that is used on this site shall be regarded as “Ethical Hack” or “Ethical Hacking” respectively.
  • We believe only in White Hat Hacking. On the other hand, we condemn Black Hat Hacking and Cracking.
  • Many of the information provided on this website are simple computer tricks (which may be called by the name hacks) and are in no way related to the term hacking.
  • Some of the tricks/hacks provided by us may no longer work due to a fixture of bugs/vulnerabilities that originally made the exploits possible in the first place. We are not responsible for any direct or indirect damage that may be caused due to usage or following of the tricks or hacks provided on this site.
  • The site holds no responsibility for the contents found in the user comments since we do not monitor them. However, we may remove any sensitive information present in the user comments upon request or when the same is brought to our attention.
  • We may receive compensation from the companies whose products (software, mobile apps, etc.) we recommend in some of our blog posts and other areas of the website. However, we do not have any liability related to such products since we are not their direct vendors. It is the responsibility of the buyers to contact the respective vendor for any related queries.
  • We reserve the right to modify the Disclaimer at any time without notice.
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