What is A Red Hat Hacker? – A Comprehensive Guide (2022)

Hello Hackers, I hope you all are doing very well. In this blog post, we will be discussing about Red Hat Hacker. We all know that there are mainly 3 types of hackers. White Hat Hackers, Black Hat Hackers & Grey Hat Hackers.

But there are some other types of hackers are there as well. One of them is called Red Hat Hacker and in this article, we will understand what are Red Hat Hackers and their working process.

Friends, in today’s 21st-century hacker and the hacking term, has become a very interesting topic for everyone & every day millions of people search about hacking. As you all know that there are many types of hackers. But for those who don’t know about these, I would like to tell them that “Hackers are highly skilled computer users who like to play with the system.” 

As long as they stay within the positive side they are considered as good hackers means ethical hackers. But if the computer user intentionally breaks into the system and steals confidential data is known as bad hackers in our words we call them black hat hackers.

Every hacker has their own special abilities and manners & can use their hacking skills either positively or negatively and this makes the difference.We will not go too deep on understanding about hackers because this will be off-topic. Back to the point, we were discussing about Red Hat Hackers. So let’s understand in detail.

What is a Red Hat Hacker?

Guys, Red Hat Hackers are very similar to White Hat Hackers because both of them are ethical and vigilante hackers. But to counter the Black Hat hackers they use different methods and techniques.

Red Hat Hackers are known as Eagle-Eyed Hackers. They plan their attack in such a way so that our system stays protected as well as the attacker’s system can also be hacked.

In simple words, their end goal is not only to protect the system they want to catch the attacker by hacking into his device and to reveal his identity. 

Definition of Red Hat Hacker

There is another definition of a Red Hat Hacker which is they are the ones who target the Linux Operating System. The most interesting thing about Red Hat Hackers is they are known as vigilantes because of their unique goals.

The category of Red Hat Hacker is forgotten & misplaced. But it is true that major hacking group like Anonymous lies in this category. Many people don’t consider red hat hacker is even a category that is totally wrong. This is a misconception that happened due to a lack of awareness and knowledge. 

Characteristics of a Red Hat Hacker

Everyone has their own personality and special abilities, and in the case of hackers, these rules apply too. Let’s discuss some personality traits that are especially found in Red Hat Hackers.

Red Hat Hacker 1 min
Red Hat Hacker – A Comprehensive Guide

#1. They have Lot’s of curiosity

Having lots of curiosity is the main characteristic of every hacker which includes red hat hackers as well. Because of this, they have always lots of questions in their mind.

And this is the reason they never stop learning and discovering new things, whenever they have any kind of question in their mind they put all their efforts to find the correct answer which satisfies them.

In the case of hackers, they have their best friend google which helps them to find the right answer and it also tells them something more which they haven’t thought of. 

This is the reason that it is called “if you really want to become a professional hacker then you should definitely learn how to use Google because in the end google will stay with you forever.”

#2. They have their own rules

If you know about white hat hackers, then you might know that they have to follow the rules of the company or the organization which they are working for and they work under the supervision of the system administrator or the technical head manager. 

But in the case of red hat hackers, they don’t follow any rules and regulations because they are hunters of the attackers and if they follow the rules and regulations they can’t catch them.

They have their own rules to deal with the attackers and they can use illegal tools for ethical reasons. 

Red hat hackers are among the smartest guys in the hacking industry, and there are not many red hats out there. They are the mixed faces of white and black hats.

#3. They are very Humble Guys

If you meet any professional hacker, you might notice that these guys are very smart and they have lots of knowledge and skill but they never compliment themselves. 

Here I’m not talking about some roadside social media hacker who doesn’t know the “H” of hacking and calls themselves a hacker. 

Professional hackers never show their high intelligence and talent in front of anyone because they know who they are and those who call themselves a hacker just by hacking some social media accounts by doing some phishing attacks to impress everyone in their school or in the family are the most foolish guys.

Difference between Red Hat Hacker & White Hat Hacker

Red Hat Hackers & White Hat Hacker both of their goal is to stop the black hat hackers. But to make it more simple for you let’s understand a couple of points.

red hat hacker
Red Hat Hacker vs White Hat Hacker
  • A white-hat hacker defends the system from the black hat hackers but they would not harm them, but a red hat hacker will defend the system and they will also hunt for the attackers.
  • Some white hat hackers are paid for their job and some of them do without any cost, but the red hat hacker’s aim is only to catch the attacker money is the secondary thing for them.
  • Red hat hackers can also attack on the white hat hacker if they think they are wrong, so it’s recommended never to mess with them. *just kidding

How do Red Hat Hackers attack Black Hat Hackers?

A Red Hat Hacker does protect the IT systems from attacks, but their methodologies, techniques, tools, and working process are very different. They might harm the attacker’s computer by using different types of viruses worms and trojans, they can also conduct attacks like DDOS or social engineering attacks.

The white-hat hacker’s main goal is to report the vulnerability or to help the admins to catch the attacker, but the red hat hacker’s priority is to directly hit the attackers and disarm them.

Here are some common methods used by Red Hat Hackers to hunt for Black Hats:

  • Distributed Denial of Service Attack or Denial of Service Attack. 
  • Clickjacking Attack.
  • Cross-Site Scripting Attacks.
  • Virus Attacks.
  • RDP hacking.
  • Hacking Social Accounts & much more…

The skillset of A Red Hat Hacker

Red Hat Hackers are highly skilled professionals both physically and mentally and it requires lots of patience and practice to master. 

Here I’m sharing the list of some skills of a red hat hacker have: 

These are the skills that allow the Red Hat Hacker to engage with enemies. Not everything is necessary but having these skills will definitely give you an advantage in both personal and professional life. 

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How to become a Red Hat Hacker?

So, if you want to become a Red Hat Hacker then you should want to become an ethical hacker and here is how you can get started:

  • The most essential skill to become a hacker is to learn how to code. If you don’t know about any programming language then, I’ll recommend you to get started with Python Programming Language.
  • If you are a student, then you should choose computer science as your primary subject because it will help you a lot. After all, you don’t have to learn the basics of computers on your own.
  • Now after getting comfortable with computers you can start learning about hacking and penetration testing for this you can pursue a cybersecurity degree or you can join a hacking & penetration testing online/offline boot camp. 
  • You can also opt-in for cybersecurity certifications to showcase your skills. Certifications like PenTest+, Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP), and many more. You can watch the video to know more about cybersecurity certifications.
  • And in the end, you’ll have to spend at least 10-12 hours daily with computers and keep exploring and learning new things and technologies. 


So, in this blog post, I’ve tried to cover as much as I thought about Red Hat Hacker and many more things about them. So that you can understand them and their personality traits and their working process. 

I’ve also told you the characteristics of red hat hackers and the difference between red hats & white hats and also their skillset. 

In the end, we discussed how you can become a red hat hacker so that you can fill the demand of red hat hackers in the tech industry. 

So, that’s it for now I will always update this blog post whenever I will find something relevant. I hope you’ve found this article helpful, all the very best for your cybersecurity career. 

A little request from me is if you find this information helpful and you think it is shareable then kindly share this post as much as you can this will motivate me to keep making these quality contents for you. 


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