How to Crack PDF Password In Windows, Linux & Android?

Hello, my friend, I hope you are fine. The reason you are here is just that you want to know the possible ways to Crack PDF password. PDF document is one of the most universal file formats which is used to share non-editable text files. 

You can easily open a pdf document on any device using PDF viewing software such as Adobe Reader & Foxit Reader or you can open a pdf document in any browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc…

Those who wish to make their PDF documents a bit more secure might add open passwords to them. All users who try to open locked documents must enter their passwords to view and review them, as long as they add open passwords.

PDF documents are often shared with other users, but those passwords can get lost in the way. Furthermore, you might even forget your password for a PDF file! In such situations, you will need to remove or crack the document’s password. 

In This article, I’ll tell you how you can crack a password-protected PDF so that you can view its content.

Ways to Protect a PDF Document

If you want to protect a pdf document, there are 2 popular methods are available. The first is applying restrictions & second is protecting with a secure password. Let’s understand them one by one.

Applying restriction on PDF

Applying restriction on the pdf means your pdf can be opened by everyone but it can’t be modified or printed. 

You can apply custom restrictions as well by using online tools like PDF2GO.COM.

crack pdf password
Secure PDF Documents by applying Restrictions

Applying a secure password to PDF 

For some reason you don’t want everyone can see your pdf file then you can apply a secure password to PDF. If you apply a password to a pdf file, then nobody can open & view its content. This is the safest way to protect a pdf document and it is widely used nowadays. 

If you want to protect your pdf document with a secure password, then you can use this online tool which is provided by ADOBE itself. Just visit this link and follow the steps. 

crack pdf password
Protect PDF Document with Password

Crack PDF Password Online 

There are some online websites are available that you can use to crack pdf passwords. Such as or 

These tools don’t crack the password they only remove the password from the pdf document if you know the password.

So, if you know the password and you want to permanently remove the password from the pdf document you can use these online tools. 

Crack Password Protected PDF Document

Till now I’ve told you many things about pdf documents and how you can make your pdf document secure. But if you want to crack a pdf password then there is the only way to crack it with automated tools.

There are many automated tools available on the internet which you can use to crack pdf passwords these tools use a very common type of technique to crack passwords which are dictionary attack & brute-force attack.

Crack PDF Password on Kali Linux

If you are on Linux operating system whether it is Kali Linux or any other Linux distribution, there are many automated tools are available for you to crack the pdf password. 

The most popular tool to crack pdf password on Linux is Pdfcrack and John the Ripper. Both of these tools work on the same principle which is either you can use your dictionary to crack the password or you can use the brute-force method to crack the pdf password. 

Here I’m attaching a youtube video of Patrick on how to use Pdfcrack, you can watch this video and get an idea of how to crack pdf passwords using Linux. 

Crack PDF Password on Windows

If you are on windows, no matter which version but it should be above windows 7 then there are many GUI tools are available for you to crack pdf password. 

Most of these tools are paid but you can use its trial version. I’ll suggest you try Wondershare PDF Password Remover which is a PDFelement tool by clicking on this link.

Here is the demonstration of this Wondershare PDFelement tool. 

Crack PDF Password on Android

Cracking pdf passwords on Windows, MAC & Linux is possible but if you want to crack pdf passwords on android then it is very difficult to do so. You can only remove PDF’s restriction on android but it is not possible to crack its password. 

So, it’s better to stop searching here and there and use pc or laptop to crack the pdf password using the above tools that I’ve suggested. 


That’s all for this article, I’ve tried to answer your query as much in detail as I can. So, I think you’ve got your answer on how to crack the pdf password. Thank you for reading this article if you think that I’ve missed something then please let me know in the comments. I’ll be very thankful for your contributions.  

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